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    Hi you all,<BR><BR>I am using ISS 5.0 and ASP for a few WebProjekts. In the beginning I used Sessions but for the known "I donnot want cookies" I removed all Session and replaced them with Crypted<BR>QueryStrings.<BR>Now wenn I come to our Homepage (or wenn I make a new Webprojekt) every time A Cookie is placed to someones browser. This is a cookie what doesn&#039;t get saved on the users Harddisk, but a lot of users get scared. I tried to change some settings in the ISS5.0 but nothing helps...<BR>Some other Information, I am not using a global.asa<BR><BR>Does anybody knows this Problem? And what to do about it?<BR><BR>greetings<BR>MCitar

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    disable sessions completely in the web manager or with @ENABLESESSIONSTATE = false<BR><BR>

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