I have got a big problem with compatibility IE4 and NN4

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Thread: I have got a big problem with compatibility IE4 and NN4

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    ramesh mirpuri Guest

    Default I have got a big problem with compatibility IE4 and NN4

    I bought this book Professional Active Srver Pages from Wrox Pub/<BR>There is an eocommerce online bookstore sample which i am using.<BR>Basically it works this way. The user interface is written in VBscript. To perform tasks, calls are made to functions in Active X DLLs written in VB6 linked by Microsoft Transaction Server. The functions in visual basic do the manipulation fo the database and <BR>return say a book list as a collection or variant. the VBscript code then uses the results to display he books on the screen. The application works in IE4 but how do make it work in netscape<BR>I can script the userinterface code with JavaScript. Is possible to try to make the function calls to the DLLs running on Server mode in VBScript and transfer the variables returned so that they can be displayed in Javascript. What i am lookig for is <BR><BR>something in javascript = varaint variable in VBscript<BR>something in javascript = collection variable in VBscript<BR><BR>I am totally lost<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR><BR>

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    Egbert Nierop Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I would suggest never to pump DATA directly to the browser because of the problems you mention. There are 3 recommanded ways to pump over data coming from the MTS.<BR><BR>1) Have SERVER SIDE ASP build the HTML for the browser just by vbscript and the Response.Write statements....<BR><BR>2) This is advised if you don&#039t want to invest time in learning to write good ASP script. <BR>Have visual interdef installed on the website (server side) and visual interdef will use on intelligent base the best choice. For most operations it will create server side HTML as if bound to an ActiveX control or database.<BR><BR>3) Use remote scripting. It is a tool from microsoft that uses Java (a data proxy component) to get data into any browser that supports java 1.1 and higher get it from msdn.microsoft.com/scripting<BR><BR>

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