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    Default asp shopping cart

    I just want to know about shopping cart

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    Wow. That&#039;s a loaded question with many, many answers.<BR><BR>Could you be more specific about what it is you want to know?

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    Default cart is ..

    a shopping cart is just a list that your program keeps with reference to a user.<BR>user is the customer. he says he wants 2 playboys, so your program notes the same down somewhere, in a table,or dictionary obj and so on..<BR><BR>&#039; u have to allow user to add a product to the list, increment /decrement quantity. (i want 3 play boys and not 2, so u increment)<BR>and remove a item wholesale.<BR><BR>simple and fun. free cart programs are available. check<BR>at the end the user-customer says, i want to purchase all stuff in my cart , and u place an order as per the list kept.

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