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    I am wondering if I can return a picture, any format through a compiled DLL written in Visual Basic to be used in a Website.<BR>I know this is not a Visual Basic Forum, but this post is more directed toward the ASP questioning.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help

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    yes, it&#039;s perfectly possible, if you reference the ASP Response object from within the DLL and use it&#039;s binaryWrite() method to write the stream of bytes to the ASP response stream. If you already know how to generate the image (in GIF or JPG), the hard part is done. the rest is rather like storing and displaying images in a SQL database<BR><BR>j

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    Notice carefully what datatype Response.BinaryWrite is expecting!<BR><BR>**QUOTE**<BR>Syntax -- Response.BinaryWrite data<BR><BR>Parameters -- data<BR>The data to write to the HTTP output. This parameter will be of type VT_ARRAY &#124 VT_UI1, which is a variant array of unsigned one-byte characters.<BR><BR>*************<BR><BR>You can&#039;t simply pass back an array of bytes to VBS and ASP. You *must* pass back a VARIANT of the proper type.<BR><BR>

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