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    Linda Pyrc Guest

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    I need to open a new window only after the current page is fully loaded. How do I determine that the page has finished loading ??<BR>(this is only a problem in NS)<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Dan Evans Guest

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    I had a similar problem whereby I was creating a DIV and Netscape was doing the rest of the code before it had finished writing the contents of the DIV, meaning I couldn&#039;t use JavaScript to reference stuff inside the DIV (Since it didn&#039;t exist when the JS was run). In the end I put a small hidden image right at the end of the DIV with an onLoad = initScript() property, then putting the important script in the initScript function.<BR><BR>This was a bit of a fudge though so if anyone has a better idea (NS friendly) please let me know<BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR><BR>-Dan Evans

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