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Thread: FTP SITES IN IIS 5.0

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    pinky Guest

    Default FTP SITES IN IIS 5.0

    i would like to add more than one ftp site on my win2k server.. how do i do this and make it so that only a certain user can log onto one and another user can only access the other one?

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    I think (correct me if i&#039;m wrong) you can only have ONE ftp site.<BR><BR>however, if you set &#039;root folder only&#039; rights for everyone, and selective subfolder rights, you&#039;ll be OK. You can even set it up to hide the subdirectories by using virtual folders, so they need to know the name of the folder *and* the right password<BR><BR>j

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    Sid Guest

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    In IIS right click on default ftp site goto new then virtuasl directory and follow the wizard.<BR>You should have set up a new user under computer management first and add that user to the ftponly group.<BR>Then in the wizard you can send that ftp user straight to any directory/folder that you wish.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Sid

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