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    hey everyone... instead of using the html tag "li" , what is the ASP code to display a bullet mark ??<BR><BR>thanks in advance..

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    Same just enclose it your response.write statement with &#060;li&#062;. Not really advanced but what the heck!

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    Well, I think you are actually asking what the HTML code is, not the ASP code, correct? You could try any of these as bullets:<BR><BR>&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&amp;bull; <BR>- (the hyphen character)<BR>&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&amp;middo t;<BR>&ordm;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&amp;ordm;<BR>&ndash ;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&amp;ndash;<BR>&mdash;&nbsp;&nb sp;&nbsp;&amp;mdash;<BR>&hellip;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &amp;hellip;<BR>&dagger;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&amp;dag ger<BR>&Dagger;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&amp;Dagger<BR><B R>Hope this helps!<BR>

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