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    Martin Guest

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    Howdy folks, <BR><BR>I run Win2k Professional (SP1) and installed IIS 5.0 which comes with it to develop some Websites. <BR>However the ASP code is not being processed. I recieve the HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error. <BR>Not even the ASP documentation http://localhost/iishelp/misc/default.asp works. <BR><BR>I did not change any settings in IIS. And the site I want to develop has Script-Execution rights! <BR>I also reinstalled IIS several times - nothing! <BR><BR>Please help me if you had similar problems. <BR>Please response to <BR><BR>Thank you so much in advance. <BR>This thing drives me nuts! <BR><BR>Martin

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    phinegeek Guest

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    type in your error code at;s search engine.<BR>your sure to find your answer there.

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    tom zinns Guest

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    I had a similar problem. It turned out i needed to replace the asp.dll file. My senerio was that I developed a frontgape web utilizing asp with an Access database, on my workstation nt4 and pws. When I moved it to nt4 server and IIS 4.0 the asp pages would not come up. I found an error in the event viewer under administrative tools that helped point me toward the problem. I moved over the asp.dll from my workstation and that fixed the problem. hope this helps ..tom

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