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    Trinette Guest

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    I&#039;m creating a site at and I&#039;m getting an error. It&#039;s set up so that when you browse through the products and you want to add one to the cart, if you aren&#039;t a registered user and if a cookie isn&#039;t saved on your machine they you are taken to a registration page where you can either login or register. These are stored on a secured server. <BR><BR>The problem is when you try to register or login it gives you a page not found error. The page you should access is Instead it calls for page There is no such directory page and there is no such link on any of my pages.<BR><BR>Can someone please help me. I can provide the asp pages if necessary.<BR><BR>Also how can I set it up so that when someone places an order, it sends an email to me telling me what the person ordered?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Look at the form comand on the secure page:<BR><BR> &#060;form method="post" action=""&#062;<BR><BR>No wonder you are getting to wrong page when the action comand is adressed to!<BR><BR>Seb

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    Trinette Guest

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    Thanks but I checked my code to the page and it doesn&#039;t match. I&#039;ve reloaded the page to the server and there is no change. I&#039;ve even changed font colors and it does not change on my host server once I FTP the page.

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