I am hoping to create a rather convoluted system that goes as follows:<BR><BR>I have a db of a few hundred thousand records. Users query the db and get a results set with links to each file (a record contains a link to a file). <BR><BR>Many users would like to be able to download all these files in one shot. I tried zipping them up, concatenating, etc. but the wait time was severe and it was killing my server. <BR><BR>So I thought that the best approach might be to create a custom application to download the files given a list. I figured the most logical and efficient way would be to make the application associate itself with an extension, say .lst or something. When the ASP processes the query, it sends the user a dynamically generated .lst file.<BR><BR>My problem with this approach is as follows: Even if I change the content type via response.contenttype = "application/x-list" or whatever, it will still for some reason try and treat it as an .ASP file ... I tested this myself and Visual Interdev opened the file immediately when I chose to open the file, even though the custom application had the association with application/x-list or whatever (I think?).<BR><BR>What I was wondering is if there is a way around this, for example by changing what the browser "thinks" is the file, etc. The only way I could think of would be to associate asp.dll with .lst files and just change the form processing page to a .lst extension. this doesn&#039t seem like a great idea to me though.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.