Writing changes to a textfile on the server

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Thread: Writing changes to a textfile on the server

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    J Gideon Guest

    Default Writing changes to a textfile on the server

    I have what appears to be a simple case of writing to a text file but I have spent two days on it and it`s doing my head in<BR><BR>Basically, I have created a application that allows a user to fill a form on line. The form is saved on the server and the user is given the url. If they open this url or visit the site again and open their file, they are allowed to make changes to their CV and then save the changes. <BR><BR>Right now the file is created on the server and displayed in a similar format as the original form and loads the data when the user clicks on the given url. The user can then make changes but I am not able to commit or write the changes to the file. I have created another asp file to overwrite the old one but I get a message that the page cannot be displayed although the page exists in the same directory as the other asp pages. I tried to create a procedure but I keep geeting a message that the procedure is not defined. I am using VBscript on the server and JavaScrcipt on the client<BR><BR>I have combed through these faqs and some other books but can`t see a similar issue. <BR><BR>Whoever responds to this, many many thanks in advance for your time and kindness.<BR><BR>J Gideon

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    Brian Hammer Guest

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    I might be WAY off base here but in my research on how to create a new folder using variables with asp, I was introduced to the File System Object and in that, they show how to open a text file, read/write and save changes.<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/default.htm?/scripting/vbscript/doc/sgprogrammingfilesystemobject.htm<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Br ian

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