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    I am using an Access DB. My connection is set but when I try to open I get the following. <BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file &#039(unknown)&#039. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data. <BR><BR>I have no idea why and cannot find much info with Microsoft about it. <BR><BR>When I look at the properties in Hyperlinks I get this message:<BR><BR>(1) A FrontPage Save Results component tried to write to "_private/form_results.txt", but access to this file or URL is disallowed because it is located in an invalid subdirectory, is not part of the web or because the administrator disallowed it.<BR><BR>(2) A FrontPage Save Results component is incorrectly configured. You must provide values for the "File for results and File Format (s-file and s-format)" parameter(s)<BR><BR>I wonder if the 2 might be related.<BR>

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    There is a known issue with this type of thing - try rebooting the server, and see if it works then. I bet it will. I have had this happen here at the office. Be sure to download the latest MDAC (V 2.1 SP2) - that may fix it, not sure though.

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