reading a DOS it possible?

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Thread: reading a DOS it possible?

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    Default reading a DOS it possible?

    Hello.I&#039;m just kind of working on a project using ASP on tracking down a client&#039;s MAC(media access control) address. The only way i could think of for doing this is executing this DOS command: <BR> C:ipconfig /all &#062; mac.txt<BR>By doing this, i could get the mac address by accesing the mac.txt.The problem is i don&#039;t know if it&#039;s possible to call a DOS command(such as the one above) using ASP.Thanks for your time!<BR>

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    Cade Guest

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    The only way i can see how to do it is by writing a DLL.<BR>Using Visual Basic 5.0 or greater.

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    Default With free component from ServerObjects

    AspExec is available from<BR><BR>It will do what you want.<BR><BR>

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