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    Default asp function in javascript

    I can call a function in asp and then write or define the function in javascript,fine that is possible.<BR>But can I call a fuction in javasrcipt which is written or defined in asp,that is, can I call an asp function in the<BR>&#060;script language="JavaScript"&#062;<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR>

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    Default ASP invoked from client side?

    You *appear* to be asking "How do I invoke an ASP function from my JS code that is running in the user&#039;s browser?"<BR><BR>If so...the short answer is "You can&#039;t."<BR><BR>Consider: The user is running his/her browser in Upper Punxatawny, New Jersey. Your server computer is running in Dallas, Texas. How can you expect the browser to reach all the way across that wire, force the server to do something for it, and then get the data back? <BR><BR>It&#039;s *possible* to do that, but not with ordinary ASP, because ordinary ASP relies on the services of a Web Server and Web Servers don&#039;t maintain any connection between the client and the server.<BR><BR>Java Applets can do this. Custom programs can do this. An MS technology called "Remote Scripting" that uses specialized ASP pages on the server can do this (but it&#039;s actually built on top of a Java Applet, so it&#039;s a cheat!).<BR><BR>But if you are asking the question, chances are you aren&#039;t advanced enough to be ready for those possibilities. (If I&#039;m wrong...well, go to and click on Remote Scripting in the left-hand pane.)<BR><BR>You *might* be able to do some of the things you want by looking here:<BR><BR><BR>

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