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    Mark Baxter Guest

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    Can anyone tell me if there is a simple &#039;sendmail&#039; method (like in PHP),that can be used mail. <BR>That is without having to use CDONTS or any other component. <BR>I ask this because i am on Unix, running &#039;chilli soft&#039; and have no components installed. <BR>Many Thanks to anyone who knows [or cares!] <BR><BR>MB

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    Default Good question for Bill Wilkinson

    I&#039;d shoot this question/URL to Bill Wilkinson:<BR><BR>Besides being an avid poster here, he works for Chili!Soft, makers of Chili!ASP. Anywho, I&#039;d image you could use the file writing object they have there and create a text file in the sendmail drop dir... at least that&#039;s how I remember doing it with Perl back in my Unixy days. :-)

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