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    Got some strange behaviour, anyone know why?:<BR><BR>A stored proc called directly from ADO connection obj exposed as a property in a VBS 5.5 class:<BR><BR>objDB.Connection.MySprocName <BR><BR>With parameters passed right from Request.Form....<BR><BR>objDB.Connection.MySprocNa me _<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Request.Form("FirstName")<B R><BR>and so on. The sproc would run and add a record to my table but the various parameters would appear out of order in the table fields, and some would be repeated. In other words my ZipCode parameter would become my LastName parameter and my City parameter (City and FirstName appearing nowhere).<BR><BR>If string literals were substituted for the Request.Form variables, the problem would dissappear. It also went away when I brought the Request.Form variables into local VBS variables and then passed those to my sproc.<BR><BR>Any thoughts on what the $%&^ ASP was thinking (this is ASP3.0 and ADO 2.6, btw, the db is Access, if it matters).<BR><BR>Richard

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    It would be interesting to use a method in the class, instead, and print out the received arguments. They&#039;d probably be right, in that case, sigh. But it would be worth the experiment.<BR><BR>Let&#039;s face it, VBScript isn&#039;t exactly the highest priority on MS&#039;s list, and VBS classes are truly an afterthought in the language. I&#039;d guess you&#039;ve simply discovered a hole that MS testing didn&#039;t find.<BR><BR>

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