I&#039;m passing session variables to text fields (thanks Bill Wilkinson for this advice!!) buy coding the name of the session variable I want to display right in the text box (ie &#060;%= session("name") %&#062; <BR><BR>Sometimes I want to pass session variables to this asp page filled with data while other times I want to pass just null values. Right now I am coding "Session("name") = null" which works fine, but I have a bunch of session variables, so I&#039;d like to set them all to null for a given users session with 1 command if possible in certain conditions.<BR><BR>After reading an explanation in the FAQ about the Session.Contents.RemoveAll () command, I still have some questions: <BR><BR>Does this command just remove the contents of all session variables, or the entire session variable data name itself? <BR><BR>I assume it just removes information for a given users session where the command is executed, not all sessions across the board on a server for all users?<BR><BR>If it does remove the entire session variable data name itself, will this get me in trouble in my situation where I have all the session variable data names hard coded in text boxes?<BR><BR>I still have to check if we have the latest version of asp to use this command. If we don&#039;t have this latest version, sounds like "Session("name") = null" is the only way to go?<BR><BR>Thank you kindly for any information!<BR><BR>