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    Hello:<BR> Using VB script, to create a string the command is:<BR> stringname = "whatever you want"<BR> If the string goes onto the next line however, I get an error.<BR> stringname = "something that is too long to fit on one line, so it goes over to the next and I get an unterminated string constant"<BR> Does anyone know how I can store a huge string, that is longer than one line, into a variable without having to do<BR> stringname = stringname & "more words"<BR>Thank you.<BR>

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    all that&#039;s needed is an underscore...<BR><BR>example<BR><BR> strexample = "This is going to be a string that is longer " & _<BR> "than what one line can hold. And yes, you " & _<BR> "can even stretch it across 3 lines, or 4, " & _<BR> "or 5... You get the point, good luck!"<BR>

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