How do you create an attachment with CDONTS?

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Thread: How do you create an attachment with CDONTS?

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    Hodjia Guest

    Default How do you create an attachment with CDONTS?

    How do you create an attachment with CDONTS?

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    Default Try reading the ASPFAQs...

    ...and save yourself time.<BR><BR>The link to the ASPFAQs is at the top right of this page (and of most every page on this site).<BR><BR>

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    Hodjia Guest

    Default I've read 'em. So why this "Unspecifie

    Well, I&#039;ve read the FAQs<BR>ANd I&#039;ve read Pro ActiveServerPAGES 3.0<BR>And I&#039;ve read this site and that site<BR><BR>And alls I know is I keep getting this error:<BR><BR>"Unspecified Error"<BR><BR>When I do what "they all say"<BR>objMail.AttachFile("d:imagespic.gif")

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    Kym Guest

    Default RE: How do you create an attachment with CDONTS?

    I just had to do this last week.<BR><BR>set eMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> eMail.From = ""<BR> eMail.To = ""<BR> email.CC = ""<BR> eMail.Subject = "Test Email2" <BR> MyBody2 = "HTML! Thank you for ordering that stuff." & vbCrLf<BR> MyBody2 = MyBody2 & "We appreciate your business. " & vbCrLf<BR> MyBody2 = MyBody2 & "Your stuff will arrive within 7 business days."<BR> eMail.body = MyBody2<BR> <BR> eMail.BodyFormat = 0 &#039;1=text 0=HTML<BR> eMail.Importance = 2 &#039;1=normal 0=low 2=High<BR> eMail.MailFormat = 0 &#039;1=text 0=MIME<BR> eMail.AttachFile "d:Kim\" & mFile<BR> eMail.Send<BR> <BR> set eMail = nothing

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    Kym Guest

    Default RE: I've read 'em. So why this

    is the file on the server that you are attaching? It has to be. It can&#039;t just be on you computer

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    Hodjia Guest

    Default What's the difference?

    If it&#039;s on the server, do I just give the path<BR><BR>C:inetpubwwwrootetc?

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    kym Guest

    Default RE: What's the difference?

    Yes, Just give the path. What kind of file is it? .htm?

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    Hodjia Guest

    Default Thanks so much! I finally got it!


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