Will this work on Netscape????

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Thread: Will this work on Netscape????

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    ramesh mirpuri Guest

    Default Will this work on Netscape????

    Hi..<BR>I would like to know if this works on Netscape versions 4.05 or later. I have read a book that has an online bookstore sample using asp. Say to register a new customer, the user will enter an email an password(done using HTML and JavaScript). Then VBscipt<BR>code is used to pass the 2 parameters to Visual Basic components(ActiveX DLLs) linked through Microsoft Transaction Server. The code in this DLLs will do all the database manipulation and create a new record for the user. Control is passed back to the ASP scripts which tell the user if the user record was created successfully. The is how the whole application runs..with calls made to VB components. I know the application can run on IE4 but will it be able to run on netscape as well.<BR>I am gonna use VI6 to create my application. The book is Professional Active Server pages 2.0 by Wrox Publications<BR><BR>thanks<BR>ramesh

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    It sounds like it should work.<BR>Just some suggestions though:<BR><BR>Try to use server side code, that way it<BR>doesn&#039t really matter which browser they use.<BR><BR>If you must use client side script use javascript,<BR>it is cross paltform (at least version 1.0 is)<BR><BR><BR>If you stick to these basic rules you can alleviate a<BR>lot of headaches.

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