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    I have a ton of records that I want to update with a query, but I don&#039;t know how to say it. I want keep the existing value but add a "Q" to the front of it (so that "12345" becomes "Q12345"). Do you know how I can do this? <BR><BR>Logically I want to say something like...<BR>UPDATE customers SET cust_id = Q + cust_id<BR>...which obviously doesn&#039;t work<BR><BR>How can I say it the right way?<BR><BR>Thx!!

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    are you saying cust_id can hold charecters<BR><BR>try this<BR><BR>UPDATE customers SET cust_id = &#039;Q&#039; + cust_id<BR>

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    I am so embarrassed. Thanks...

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