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    I have part of a SQL statement that will search out records that have a particular field as empty, or containing a 0. It is as follows: <BR><BR>or (trn_emp_course.cs_expire is null) <BR><BR>Now I only want to get fields that have a 0. I have tried <BR><BR>or (trn_emp_course.cs_expire is 0) <BR>or (trn_emp_course.cs_expire = 0) <BR>or (trn_emp_course.cs_expire = &#039;0&#039;) <BR><BR>Can&#039;t get it to work. Any suggestions?

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    what datatype in that column<BR><BR>trn_emp_course.cs_expire = 0 will work if it is a number<BR><BR>an integer field i do not think can ever be empty it will have to be 0 or NULL NOT empty<BR><BR>thi will work for all records where the col is null ot have not value = 0<BR>and (columnName is null OR columnNAme = 0) <BR><BR>

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