Cannot find regsrv32.exe?

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Thread: Cannot find regsrv32.exe?

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    Hi People,<BR><BR>I am trying to register the ASPtear.dll component on a Windows 2000 machine and have been told to type; "regsrv32 ASPtear.dll" to register it. Thing is, I get an error saying that regsrv32 isn&#039;t found.<BR><BR>I have also performed a complete search on my machine for regsrv32.exe and no program is found.<BR><BR>Can anyone help? I also tried to register the component via the "Component Services" (found in the Control Panel) but this doesn&#039;t work either because the wizard tries to look for a .MSI or a .PAK file only - no .dll.<BR><BR>I am very confused now?<BR>

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