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    Joerg Zdarsky Guest

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    Hello !!<BR><BR>For my company&#039;s intranet i created a telephone database (with ms-access) that is accessed by an ASP File.Our webserver is an NT4.0 webserver with IIS4 installed.<BR><BR>Now i have the following problem:<BR>Everytime after 2-3 hours the server failed to run ASP files. on the users side when he opened an asp page with his browser, it didnt work anymore, nothing happened.Only a restart of the server helped.Until then, i didnt do any changes in the configuration of the IIS-Manager.<BR>I then turned of all asp caching etc. in the webserver-configuration. now the webserver doesnt hang up by running asp files, but if you access ASP files too fast too often, the browser often says that the website cannot be found.<BR><BR>What could cause this. my guess is that when i dont turn of asp caching, the browser leaves to many sessions open und then crashes somewhen. I dont have much knowledge about ASP but that is what i would guess.<BR>Does someone know of this problem and can help me?<BR><BR>Thank you and cya,<BR>Joerg Zdarsky<BR>

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    Al Bear Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>The best thing to do it set the time the session varblies for about 5 or 10 min depending on how long they are need. <BR><BR>this should fix the problem. you can also stop some of your pagfes from being cashed in the code. and this will let you turn the asp cashing on the server back on which will stop the page not found error.

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