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    hi <BR>i have a problem i need to cut long text <BR>so i have text that looks like this<BR><BR>i am a very long text<BR><BR>and would like to look like<BR><BR>i am a very...<BR><BR>So i need to cut it at specific lenght and put three dots <BR>any ideas?

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    I&#039;ve got an idea. Use the Right function to cut the text off at a certain length. For more info on Right, see:<BR>http://help.activeserverpages.com/iishelp/VBScript/htm/vbs173.htm<BR><BR>You could do:<BR><BR>Dim strLongText<BR>strLongText = "blahblahblahblah something whatever"<BR><BR>Dim strShortText<BR>strShortText = Right(strLongText, 10) & "..."<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    you could use:<BR><BR>strQ = Left(strQ, Len(strQ) - 10)<BR><BR>which takes the last &#039;10&#039; characters off your string!

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