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    I have 2 links pages. One is an estimation policy premium form for user.When the requirement info is submited, then another asp page evaluated it to estimate the user's premium. I want to store the all the info has been keyed by the users and estimated premium into database? How do i do it? The user's info and the estimated premium in two difference asp.file.

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    first page:<BR><BR>&#060;form action="name of second page" method="POST"&#062;<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="Variable for second page"value="optional"&#060;/input&#062;<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR>&#060;input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit"&#062;<BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR><BR>You transmit the infos to the second page!<BR><BR>second page:<BR><BR>&#060;%@ LANGUAGE="JavaScript" %&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR><BR>var Recordset2__cvar;<BR>if(String(Request.Form("name of transm. variable")) != "undefined")<BR>{ Recordset2__cvar = String(Request.Form("name of ...."));}<BR><BR>var Recordset2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset");<BR>Records et2.ActiveConnection = "dsn=pctmaster ;uid= ;pwd= ;";<BR>Recordset2.Source = "SELECT * FROM ... WHERE (cust_name LIKE &#039;%"+ Recordset2__cvar.replace(/&#039;/g, "&#039;&#039;") + "%&#039;)";<BR>Recordset2.CursorType = 0;<BR>Recordset2.CursorLocation = 2;<BR>Recordset2.LockType = 3;<BR>Recordset2.Open();<BR>var Recordset2_numRows = 0;<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR>this opens a ADOB Record, where you can access the database

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