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    Default Wrapping text in CDO

    For some reason mail sent with CDO wraps text after about 75 characters (outlook 97 - not sure on others) Is this normal?<BR><BR>It wouldnt be too bad, but I cant send long hyperlinks without them being split up.<BR><BR>Im using a basic CDOvbs with :<BR><BR>Const CdoBodyFormatText = 1 <BR>Const CdoMailFormatText = 1 <BR><BR>Any other ideas?<BR><BR>Cheers

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    Default Got it!

    Looks like the Support at MS is wrong?<BR>The following lines had the wrong values :<BR>myMail.BodyFormat= 1 <BR>myMail.MailFormat= 0<BR><BR>Once corrected, fine!

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