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    chandu Guest

    Default urgent image problem

    Hi While displaying an image on the web page from the sql server database, some images are displaying 80% of the image and some are dispalying perfectly. What is the problem.But the images are perfect if i see them in photo editor.Please give me the solution.

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    peterjl@austec.net.au Guest

    Default Show some code!

    Are your images large. If so then your script may be timeing out before the entire picture is retrieved from db. In that case you would need to increase the script timeeout. I am not sure how you do that but it may be Web Server setting.<BR><BR>I you are using Getchunk to retrieve the image and BinaryWrite to output it then maybe you are not writing the last partial chunk or not retrieving it. Check you code. If you think it is correct then let us have a look so we can check.

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