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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Just reading that new FAQ (Microsoft JET Database Engine Error &#039; 80004005&#039; <BR>Unspecified error) and thinking...<BR><BR>I wish we had a &#039;newbie&#039; error handler... okay bear with me, this is not a joke here.<BR><BR>What if we, (this &#039;brain trust&#039; of ASP information, supposedly) collectively created an error handler that provided very helpful info on the most common ASP errors... so someone could simply include this thing in their page (a header and error handling footer) and instead of the usual "thar she blows" error messages, it would explain the errors the way FAQs and articles do and point to some useful web links on how to solve the problem.<BR><BR>Any takers?<BR>Richard

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Ahoy Richard!<BR><BR>I think that&#039;s an excellent idea. However, due to the way that error handling works in (current) ASP, it would be a bit difficult to implement. You would have to check for an error and call the error handling footer after every line that might possibly cause an error. If the ON ERROR in VBScript worked more like they way it does in VB (where an on error could cause a jump to a routine, complete with information on where the error happened) then your idea could be implemented in an few hours. Indeed, a global &#039;help&#039; system could evolve, where everyone could contribute and debug-style help messages could be shown to cover any possible error condition. {sigh} ASP+ has some cool stuff in this area, so perhaps your idea can be implemented soon! <BR>;-)

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Yes, without reverting to a custom HTTP 500;100 error page (which might be a bit cumbersome) it would be iffy at best, upon some consideration. And, of course, compile errors would still exist etc.<BR><BR>Well, maybe ASP+ it is... but thanks for the thoughts!<BR>Richard

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    chton Guest

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    i had this problem once "unspecified error"<BR>not easy...but i switched from dsn to dsn-less connection and things were fine<BR>search me....dont know what was the cause but somehow it worked

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