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    I have an .asp page that updates a database. I&#039;m writing this in visual basic. After the update, I return the user to another .asp page (via redirect.response). <BR><BR>I&#039;d like to automatically have a pop-up form (small in size) that displays a few session variables along with a brief message.<BR>(I&#039;ve already defined the session variables and they have the data I want in them). I&#039;d also like it to have a button so when the user clicks it, the small pop-up form will close. Having the program execute the redirect.response to the new .asp form at the same time as the pop-up form is no problem. TIA to the experts!

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    Well, you can use some client-side JavaScript to create the new window. This will let you specify the size, location on screen, wether it has a menu bar, address bar, etc. <BR><BR>Basically:<BR><BR>open(URL, windowName[, windowFeatures])<BR><BR>A little bit about using the open function:<BR><BR><BR>You can find the windowsFeatures part in here: (give the page time to load, its about 1/2 way down a huge page)<BR><BR><BR><BR>One way involves writing a function to open the new window, throwing that into the &#060;head&#062;&#060;/head&#062; section of the correct page, then use server side code to include the call somewhere in that same page. (i.e. &#060;body onload=popMessage()&#062;) The correct page is probably the one your user sees after the update (the result of the respons.redirect)

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