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    Please help..Been stuck on this problem for a week now. I have 2 tables in an access database. The user inputs there postcode (along with other details) which then accesses the 1st table "POSTCODES" - which will then give me a rating number..This is working fine. From there I store this number in a variable called "strRating". Right then....I now need to access the 2nd table which has 7 fields - "BEDS", "RATINGAREA0" RATINGAREA1, etc up to RATINGAREA5. I need to find the price of the premium using the variable stored "strRating" (which gives me the number 0 to 5!) depending on how many beds are in the house (1 to 5) <BR><BR>Beds----rating0-rating1-rating2-rating3-rating4-rating5<BR>---1----43.50---53.00---64.00---78.00---102.50--127.50<BR>---2----54.38---66.25---80.00---97.50---128.13--159.38<BR>---3----76.13---92.75---112.00--135.60--179.38--223.13<BR>---4----91.35---111.30--134.40--163.80--215.25--267.75<BR>---5----108.75--132.50--160.00--195.00--256.25--418.75<BR><BR><BR>Any Help please would be greatly appreciated<BR>JJ<BR>

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    Default You need to clarify your request.

    Your question is too vague!<BR>

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