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    I am setting up a news database to put tech news on my web site. I want to show the most recent news articles first and go from newest to oldest. How do I do this? One of the fields is a date field if that helps. I bought a book on asp, and it has stuff on filters but nothing about putting it in newest to oldest format. Also, if you want to put links on a web page from a database, can you use a memo field and write html in it or would that just come up on the page as text and not a link? Please help.

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    If there is already a date field in the database, then all you have to do is write your query, and order it by date.<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM news<BR>ORDER BY date

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    ...and it will go from most recent to oldest:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM news<BR>ORDER BY date<BR><BR>THAT&#039;S IT?

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