Situation: I have a page with news links. The news links are retrieved from a database based on users criteria (chosen from pulldown menus). Every 1 minute the page is refreshed. The intention is that as new links appears in the database they are retrieved if - and only if they match the user settings (for the current session).<BR><BR>Question: How can I transfer the SQL-statement with the settings to the updated page (without loosing the user settings)?<BR><BR>There is an working ex. based on an ASP Today article on:<BR>This works different since the refresh is still based upon user interaction.<BR><BR>So please donĀ“t refer to this ex. or article :)<BR><BR>And I know how to refresh a page - this is not the question !<BR><BR>Best Regards<BR><BR>Brian<BR><BR><BR><BR>