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    I have an access table, and have many records with the same "project name" and there is also a field in the table called "billed miles" I want an sql query to sum all the miles for each project and display the project name and total mile only one into a table. I do not want to use multiple sql statements as I got this working already(I have over 200 projects and an sql statement for each project is a bit tedious) Is there a way to use one query to select the project name and total miles for that project and put them into a table, one line for each project? This is the code i used to get the sum, but as you can see I&#039;d have to enter put the project name in for each query: <BR>strSQL= "SELECT Sum(BILLMILES) AS summiles from AGGREGATEDRAFTING WHERE (PROJECT = &#039;Rockland&#039;) AND (DATEPOSTQC BETWEEN #" & _<BR>Request.Form("txtFirstDate") & "# AND #" & Request.Form("txtSecondDate") & "#);" <BR>set objRS = objConn.Execute(strSQL)<BR>summiles=objRS("summile s").value

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    try this<BR><BR>SELECT Sum(BILLMILES), PROJECT from TableName group by PROJECT <BR><BR>this will give you the total miles for each project<BR><BR>

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