how can I capture the url (link) which referred me to a specific page? For example, Page1.asp has a link ("LINK_A"). "LINK_A" redirects the user to default.asp of my website. Default.asp redirects the user to the home page. I want to capture the querystring variables used in "LINK_A".<BR>Using the server variable "HTTP_REFERER" in default.asp does not work because "Page1.asp" is the referer.<BR>I cannot use the server variable "QUERY_STRING" in default.asp, because I have set default.asp as the default page in IIS and over there I cannot add querystring variables to the file name.<BR>I have found a way out, but I do not know if it the right solution. By using the server variable "HTTP_URL", in default.asp I get the entire url minus the server name. Using this I can extract my querystring variables and pass them along to the home page of my website.<BR>Any suggestions/comments?