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    Im dealing with kind of a special situation: <BR><BR>The Facts: <BR><BR>1. Im am making requests to a 3rd party server trough an API. <BR>2. The requests must come from my Webhosters IP-address to be accepted. <BR><BR>This means: When the user has done his selection, his choices must be "digested" and forwarded so that the request to the 3rd party server is made from my webhosters IP. (HTTP post)<BR><BR>The 3rd party then redirects to an .asp page on my webhoster and attaches the response data trough HTTP Post. <BR><BR>Question: <BR><BR>How do force the server to execute my asp and send the request so that the request will come from the server-ip and not the end users ip-adress? <BR>

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    Stop it.

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    John, I do not have a solution to your problem, but I am trying to achieve an HTTP post through an API as well and could use some help. Would you mind emailing me at so we could discuss this further? I would really appreciate the help :-)

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