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    I need to find a list of the following:<BR><BR>Object-Oriented Database Systems:<BR>ODBMS<BR>OODBMS<BR>ORDBMS<BR><BR>Can anyone help out? I know this isn&#039;t asp but I thought some of you may know where I can lay my hands on a list like this.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    ...why would you expect anybody but obscure old men like me to know anything about them?<BR><BR>Heh!<BR><BR>Seriously, go to<BR><BR>It&#039;s an industry consortium that helps specify common things for the various ODBMS products. Hey! I even wrote a tiny bit of the stuff they publish, though that was back in 1993 and has probably been revised out of existence by now.<BR><BR>The easiest way to describe an ODBMS is to say that it is a way of making objects *and* links between objects (that is, pointers in C/C++ and references in Java and...) persistent. It is the fact that these pointers/references remain intact through storage and retrieval that makes an ODBMS so fast. In comparison, an RDBMS always has to do a search of some kind to link records (e.g., a foreign key linked to a primary key). Too, most ODBMS products are remarkably efficient about storing arrays of data, again something that RDBMS products do poorly, at best.<BR><BR>

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