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    I posted this earlier but didn&#039;t get a response except one that wouldn&#039;t work for me. Here is my question.<BR><BR>Fairly new to asp and I need some help to accomplish this. I have a list of some 200 items. I want the user to be able to select 3 of those items maximum. The way I would like to do this is to display the list on one side of the page and have 3 text boxes on the other. When the user clicks on an item it fills the first box with that item name. When they click on the second it fills the second textbox with that name and so on. I need 3 separate text boxes. Ideally for maintainence I would like the list to be generated from a text file or a db. Can anyone give me a tutorial with an example to accomplish this. Thank you very much.

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    That answer provided you w/ a starting point...<BR><BR>As far as one tutorial for all this, I don&#039;t have. But, here are the major steps:<BR><BR>1) SQL code the specifies desired data (stored proc, query, whatever)[topic: select statement]<BR><BR>2a) ADO code to retrieve and handle that data [topics: Connection Object, Command Object, RecordSet Object]<BR><BR>2b) ASP code to create HTML output, w/ retrieved data and a form w/ three text boxes and a submit button [topics: HTML Form, misc HTML]<BR><BR>3) JavaScript code to place data in text boxes. (look at the example for ideas) [topics: document object model]<BR><BR>4) ASP code (in a 2nd page, for example) to read value from the 3 text boxes.<BR> [request.form("Text_Box_Name")]<BR><BR><BR>Step 3 is where things get interesting, how do you want to list them? You can place check boxes next to each item, have the onClick event of each checkbox point to a client side function that verifies whether the check box is checked or not, and then proceeds to fill in the next empty text box if necesarry. <BR><BR>Some of these should get you started:<BR><BR><BR>JavaScript validation:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>ASP Built-In Objects:<BR><BR><BR><BR>ADO API Reference:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Netscape&#039;s developer site:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Microsoft&#039;s VBScript/JScript reference:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>You seem to have a good grasp on what you want done. Which is the most important thing. Now, you gotta track down each piece of the puzzle and figure it out. If you&#039;re looking for an easy answer, good luck.

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