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    I am looking into sending out daily bulk emails/newsletters to our large client base. <BR><BR>What sort of volumes can MS exchange deal with on a daily basis? Our server spec is...<BR><BR>P1 200MHz<BR>96Mb RAM<BR>9G Disk<BR>NT4 Service Pack 5<BR>Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 2<BR><BR>Our internet connection is T1 2mb<BR><BR>Will this cope with say 30,000 - 100,000 emails a day? If not what will it cope with and what spec would I need to send this volume of emails. What will be the CPU Usage??<BR><BR>One more thing........<BR><BR>Would I be better using Cold Fusion or ASP to send the emails?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Mike VB

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    Default is it legal to still use 200MHz???

    how did you come up with 96MB RAM<BR><BR>jk<BR><BR>i am sure it could COPE with 100,000 mails a day you could send them out not all at the same time but maybe sending out 200 every 5 min or something

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