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    Ive got a script that displays all the folder within the folder i have told it to. Works no problem.... <BR><BR>The only thing is that it displays the folders in order of when they were created. <BR><BR>I would like them displayed in alphabetical order. Does anyone know how to do that. I dont really use the FileSytemObject.<BR><BR>Cheers

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    Default Nothing to do with FSO...

    A rule of thumb with software: If the docs don&#039;t say it is there, it isn&#039;t. Can you find anywhere in the FSO docs where it says you can choose how the list of files or folders will be sorted? Nope? Neither can I.<BR><BR>So it&#039;s time to a tiny bit of basic VBScript coding.<BR><BR>You just have to put all the names in an array and then sort the array.<BR><BR>Sorting of arrays is well covered in the FAQs and on the 4Guys site. <BR><BR>

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    Default New ASPFAQ added...

    ...that answers this one.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Yeah, yeah...this is a crosspost. Mea culpa. Mea minima culpa.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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