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    Hello-<BR>If you could send any answers directly to me at my email address, which is<BR>I recently purchased the book and have downloaded PWS onto my Win98 machine. I have created a couple of .asp files in NotePad, and saved them in the virtual directory (I think it&#039;s something like inetpub/webroot/ then I created a folder BegAspFiles, and saved them in there.<BR>Started up a browser and put in http://localhost/inetpub/webroot/BegAspFiles/yaddayadda.asp<BR>Now - If I am online at the time - I see the files output just dandy and everything is fine, but if I am not online, then I get the "Can not read offline" or something.<BR>Then I try to even tried putting in the file path in the url space (i.e., C://windows... the physical directory) - and it finds the file, and simply shows me my NotePad code, as opposed to running it through the PWS. What gives?<BR>Is there some control in PWS that I have neglected to see, so that I can view my results without being online?

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    Hi there, try this: http://localhost/BegAspFiles/yaddayadda.asp

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