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    Hia everyone<BR><BR>when i using the following style sheet declaration i am not getting the result.<BR>&#060;xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" <BR>version="1.0"&#062; <BR>but when i am using the following, i am getting the result.<BR>&#060;xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""&#062;<BR><BR>Anyone can explain, what&#039;s the problem.<BR><BR>thank in advance<BR>sthanika

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    There are several different versions of the MSXML parser, supporting several different versions of XSL. The most current (MSXML 3.0) supports the current W3C XSLT recommendation, but is normally installed in side-by-side mode with any previous versions, so your machine will continue to use an old version by default. To overcome this, you need to install MSXML in replace mode by using the xmlinst.exe command-line utility. See for details and a download.<BR><BR>Dunc

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