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    I have a website that sets and later displays a number of session variables.<BR>During testing, the variables are displayed ok from most PCs using IE 4 and later. But from one PC (IE4) the variables are not being set. Then on one occasion no PCs would work, then they were all ok again.<BR>In global.asa I intialize the session variables in Session_OnStart.<BR><BR>I have moved to a new web host, could it be that? Browser versions?<BR>The site is supposed to be going live tomorrow, is there anything I can do?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!<BR>Danny<BR><BR>

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    Don&#039;t forget that Session are actually cookies that are written on the harddisk of the visitor.<BR><BR>I am 99% sure, that the pc with the unset variables (even IE4) would have different Security settings in Internet Options and it wouldn&#039;t allow sessions to be set.

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