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    Noah Juergenson Guest

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    I have a page that loads information from an Access database into a table. I have given the user the ability to select individual records and Add/Edit/Delete them. The Add/Edit/Delete processes take place on the same page by determining which form it is coming from(i.e. Request.Form("formname").<BR><BR>What I need to be able to do is to refresh the page so that the ASP-Generated info table shows the correct information.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!<BR>Thanks,<BR>N.J.

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    omc Guest

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    One approach would be to use the submit button name to determine which part of the ASP page gets called. You could call the button on the modification form "Modify" (or whatever). Also perhaps put the code that generates the html table in a sub routine. That isn&#039t necessary, but you will be using that code twice on this page so you may as well. Before the code that generates the modification form, have something like...<BR><BR>if request.form("submit")="Modify" then<BR>...<BR>Here you could put the code to update the Access Database with whatever changes the user made. Then you could call the function to display the records in a table.<BR><BR>Does that sound like what you need?<BR>

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