I have this profile update page which will retrieve data from the database & shown to the user.<BR>In the form there is a combo box which has various items, now when I select the sports & travel items I must get a few checboxes below the combo box, as sports & travel will have subcategories under them,while if I select the other items other than sports & travel the checkboxes should not appear or disable them or if any other solution you have.<BR>Please note that this will be on onchange of the combo box and change should occur while I change the item from sports to other item while the page is loaded & vice verca & also when I request the page ,ie if I had selected sports from before it should show me the checkboxes(like body onload) and when I change to some other item it should not show them.By doing this I just want the user to be let known that only under sports & travel he can select the options.<BR>Please let me know the asp or any script for this purpose or even if anyone has any other idea or method I can go about doing this ie only having sub categories under 2 combo box items.<BR>Thanks a lot.