I have a need for an audit log in SQL for each field on a asp form. We have about 17 forms that are used to update and delete data from a SQL table. We need to be able to see who changed what field, when and what the original data was and what it was changed to.<BR>Anyone know a good way to do this, other than assign an ID for each asp form field in the database?<BR><BR>Also need to be able to let some people update certain fields. Anyone know a good way to do this? e.g. managers can update all fields up to field 15 on the form, juniors can only update field 4,6,7,8 and 9, directors can update all fields, etc.<BR>We don&#039t want to have to look up the security for each field on each form from the database each time we write the data back out from the database to the browser.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Bernard