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    I have a Small problem in write the Sql Statement, Can anyone Help me<BR><BR>My DataBase Table struture is as follows<BR>TableName - UserLanguages<BR>UserId Varchar2(15)<BR>Language Varchar2(15)<BR><BR>and the data is like this<BR>Bill English<BR>Bill French<BR>Bill Chinese<BR>Alex English<BR>Alex French<BR>Bob English<BR><BR><BR>the result Should be like this<BR>Bill English,French,Chinese<BR>Alex English,French<BR>Bob English<BR><BR><BR>I Dont want the Data in three different records, <BR>i want to concatinate them into one single record<BR><BR>For Eg : if they are numbers then <BR>U can use groupby and sum them into one <BR>single record, similarly i want to concatinate<BR><BR>I Did them thru Stored Procedures with TMP Tables and also with Cursors, Can we do them thru a single select or nested select statments

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    Data shaping would be what you&#039;re looking for. www.4guysfromrolla.com have a good tutorial<BR><BR>j

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