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    Linda Pyrc Guest

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    Can someone tell me why I would be getting an "Access is Denied" error message when I refer to a control on the window.opener object? (and yes the window has been open()ed from another window)<BR><BR>When I display(alert) the window.opener all I get is [object]<BR><BR>When I make a reference to window.opener.document.Form.Field.value I get an "Access is Denied"<BR><BR>I have referred to opener fields before in other pages without any problems, this ones got me stumped.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me in any direction ?

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    are you attempting to do this across domains? just a thought.<BR><BR>btw were you on the infinitemonkeys board a while back? the bug is fixed - the wrong DB was uploaded by mistake.<BR><BR>j

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    Linda Pyrc Guest

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    No, its not accross domains (or its not meant to be).<BR><BR>Basically I have a browse button that when clicked will open a new window that will display a list of files from a specified directory in a &#060;select&#062; box, so far so good. Then when a file is dblclicked or a selectbutton is clicked the selected file will be passed back to the opener by way of window.opener.document.form.file.value=selectedfil e however this is where I get the Access is Denied (I also get this message just by alerting the window.opener.document.form.file.value).<BR><BR>I am doing the same thing in another ASP that handles security and that works fine. Obviously I have done something different here but I cant see what it is. Do you have any ideas on where I can start looking ?<BR><BR>btw - still got probs (1 posted 0 received somit about connection disabled by peer)

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