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    Since two weeks I try to find some example which can demonstrate me such solution:<BR>I want to connect to text delimited file through ODBC. To my surprise new version of text driver do not support files without extension reporting such nonsense error &#039;tata or object read-only&#039;.<BR>Anyway I know that but I do not know now how I can write select query if source must be with &#039;.&#039; and column name was separated by this &#039;.&#039; which is used now in source name (sourcefile.txt)<BR><BR>I need something like:<BR><BR>&#039;select * from sourcefile.txt where from sourcefile.txt.field1=&#039;syntax&#039;&#039;<BR> <BR>sure this will not work but... how the correct syntax will look like?<BR>The same about calling recordset fields (for istance rst("field"))...<BR>Thanks a lot for some tips<BR><BR>Chris<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Why use a table name?

    If you only have one table, then you do NOT need to put the table name in front of the field names.<BR><BR>So just do:<BR><BR>SQL = "select * from sourcefile.txt WHERE field1=&#039;syntax&#039;"<BR><BR>If that doesn&#039;t work, I have a demo at http://www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE (the first one on the page, I think...in any case the top is "graphing in ASP") that connects to a text database. See if the code there helps you.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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