Ok here is the deal. My network admin is in charge of a web server with IIS4.0. On this server we have created sub webs for different people. In order for people to be able to write data to dbs within each sub web we had to change access rights on each sub wen giving access to IUSR machine we also gave more privelleges to each user in their own sub webs. Problem is that when people go to server through MS FP2000 they can now view all the contents of everyone else&#039;s sub webs. Should we tighten the privelleges in FrontPage so that only the server and admin and the sub web owner have privelleges and leave IUSR access rights as they are so that all anonoymous users can hook up to dbs as required in the individual sub webs. Sorry for taking so long.<BR>ps Lame plug - Buy ASP 3 in 21Days it rocks - help me scott : )